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Schoolwide Learning Outcomes


Arroyo Pacific Academy provides a distinctive educational program and a special place for students to learn, grow and prepare for life. We address our students' unique needs including English Language Learning, as well as individual learning styles.  Students demonstrate the intellectual curiosity and academic skills needed for success in college and adult life as we expect the graduate of Arroyo Pacific Academy to be...

1.  Collaborative workers who...


  • Demonstrate respect and sensitivity to diversity of ideas, interests and skills of others.

  • Employ effective leadership and group skills.

  • Work effectively with others.


2.  Critical thinkers who...


  • Complete an academic program that complements an individual’s learning needs.

  • Demonstrate critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation skills to solve problems.

  • Demonstrate competency in reading, writing, and mathematics demonstrated by achievement that meets relevant standards.


3.  Lifelong learners who...


  • Adapt to a changing world by understanding individual learning styles.

  • Communicate effectively, orally and in writing, across various media, by meeting school standards.

  • Set goals, establishes priorities, and hone decision-making skills.

  • Respect diversity, learn and work effectively in a multicultural setting.


4.  Responsible citizens who...


  • Demonstrate civic responsibility and participates academically and co-curricularly, and in community service learning projects.

  • Respect and appreciate the uniqueness of self and others.

  • Understand connections between choices and consequences by taking responsibility for his/her actions.




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