Our school offers counseling services to all students for career and college planning, as well as personal counseling services, and academic advising.  Students may walk in for counseling services at any time, and parents may schedule appointments with the counselors as well.

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Planning for college and a career is a process that begins in your first year at Arroyo Pacific Academy, not an event that occurs only in your senior year.  It requires hard work, dedication and the ability to stay focused and organized.  The earlier you start thinking about college and careers, the easier it will be when the time comes to apply.


We also have a wonderful College and Career Education Program within our curriculum which helps students focus on their skills and abilities which will be helpful when choosing a major and ultimately a career. We strive to make them active participants in their education, rather than passive observers.


I am passionate about helping students find their right fit college and coaching families through the (often stressful) college admissions process.  Choosing a college should be an exciting journey where you begin to explore your interests, discover what you like and don’t like and zero in on what you are most passionate about. I am here to help you get there.

Stop by the College Center and let’s start this amazing journey together.



Erin Buoen

APA College Counselor



M-W 10:30-3:30
F 8:30-1:30


(626) 294-0661 x702


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Calendar Events:
Sept 19- CSU College Night- CSU Dominguez Hills 5-7 
Sept 22- NACAC Visual and Performing Arts Collège Fair –

Oct 1- University of Oregon 1:30
Oct 1- St. Francis High School College Fair  7-8:30
Oct 2- San Diego State University  11:50 (lunch)

Oct 6- Boston University @ Westridge School 1:00 pm
Oct 14 -University of the Pacific  1:30

Oct 16- UCR  1:30


College and Career Counseling

Academic Advising

In order to support academic success, our full-time faculty members also act as Academic Advisors, each with a cohort of students to advise throughout the year.  These cohorts generally match the Study Halls in period 5 so that each Study Hall teacher can meet daily with his or her students to review and support academic progress.

After registration each family meets with the Vice Principal to develop an academic plan.  Students meet with the College Counselor and Vice Principal each year to assess progress.