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Frequently Asked Questions


Which students can most benefit from the Academy's philosophy and programs?

Students who are looking for smaller class sizes, greater personal attention, and an opportunity to develop their skills and challenge their limits in a way larger schools cannot offer.  This includes the traditional College Prep student looking for success in university and beyond, the Advanced Placement Scholar student looking to experience college-level courses in high school, the non-traditional student who can benefit from flexible programs and methodologies to meet their Learning Differences, the Middle School Gifted Student who needs to be challenged beyond his or her grade level, and International Students looking to experience the advantages the United States has to offer, and to prepare for University here or abroad.

What is the value to international students of attending an American high school?

International students who wish to pursue higher education in the United States will benefit from attending an American high school.  The opportunity to learn American values and customs, and to participate in the collaborative and creative educational environment the United States has to offer, best prepares international students for future success.  The interaction among international students can foster support and motivation for the shared experience of studying abroad.

What is the value to American students of attending a high school that also enrolls international students?

College and career environments of the 21st century require American students to collaborate and connect with people from all over the world.  Attending a high school which also enrolls international students gives American students a significant advantage in preparation for college and their careers.  As the world becomes more and more interconnected through technology, social media, and business platforms, exposure to and collaboration with students from around the world is a valuable asset.  Experiences with students of different languages, cultures, and ideas also help American students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own American values and heritage.

Is the Academy accredited?

Yes, the Academy is fully accredited by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).


Are the Academy's courses UC a-g approved?

Yes, the Academy's mainstream college preparatory courses are UC approved and can be found on the UC a-g Course List.  The Academy's departmental graduation requirements equal the UC a-g requirements in English, Mathematics, Language other than English, and College Preparatory Electives, while exceeding the UC a-g requirements in History/Social Science, Laboratory Science, and Visual & Performing Arts.


Does the Academy offer Advanced Placement courses?

Yes, the Academy offers a full complement of AP courses.  The specific courses offered each year are dependent on student interest.  We encourage students who might not have had the opportunity to take AP classes previously to enroll per College Board recommendations.  The Academy offers AP Prep courses each summer to prepare students for subject-specific AP level coursework.  Our students consistently exceed the California and Global achievement rates for percent of total AP Students with passing scores, and each year several of our students have been named AP Scholars.


When are applications for new students due?

Applications for regular admissions are due in February.  However, the Academy's quarter system allows flexibility for students to apply through rolling admissions at any time of the school year and summer.


When do returning students need to register for the following school year?

Returning students need to register by March.  Returning international students must register on time in order to ensure continuance of their I-20.


What are the Academy's academic programs?

The Academy offers a full range of core and elective courses, in the following academic tiers:  AP Scholar Program, College Preparatory Program, and General High School Program (which includes the Assisted Learning and English Language Development Programs).  Visit the Academics pages for details.


What co-curricular programs does the Academy offer?

The Academy offers a full range of co-curricular activities in order to meet the academic, artistic, athletic, leadership, cultural, and social needs of each student.  Visit the Student Life page for details.


Does the Academy offer College/University/Career Counseling?

Yes, the Academy has a certified, full-time Counselor on campus.  Visit the College Counseling page for details.


What does the city of Arcadia and the Los Angeles area offer to international students?

Arcadia is the home of the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, storied Santa Anita Park and Westfield Santa Anita, all within a mile of the school.  The city is primarily a residential community located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.  As part of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, there are many LA attractions and landmarks to visit and enjoy.  From hiking and skiing in the mountains to surfing at the beach, LA has it all.


Who do I contact for help with a particular situation?

Visit the Faculty & Staff Directory for a list of all faculty and staff.

Admissions - Olivia Zhang

Student Attendance - KC Deagon

Parent Service Hours - Martha Millspaugh

Tuition - Olivia Zhang

Textbooks - KC Deagon 

Class Scheduling - Janice Yen , Kelsie Fellows

Academic Concerns - Janice Yen

Summer School - Janice Yen 

College Counseling - Kelsie Fellows

Transcript Request - Addison Anton

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) - Janice Yen

International Student Services - Olivia Zhang

SEVIS (I-20) Concerns - Janice Yen

International Travel Requests - Janice Yen , Olivia Zhang

Student Discipline - Janice Yen

Athletics - Steve Creason

Associated Student Body (ASB) - Leo Sheridan

Clubs - Addison Anton

Community Service - Kelsie Fellows

Arroyo Pacific Foundation - Philip Clarke , Janice Yen


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