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FACTS Management Co.


Arroyo Pacific Academy offers two (2) payment options to pay the annual tuition and fees. Families may choose to pay the tuition and fees in one payment, which includes a 5% discount off of the tuition. Families may also choose to make monthly payments through FACTS Management Co. Arroyo Pacific Academy has partnered with FACTS Management Co., which performs our tuition billing and collections. FACTS is one of the largest providers of tuition payment plans in the industry and gives families a variety of convenient payment options to suit their needs. The monthly payment plan will consists of ten (10) monthly payments starting in August and ending in May.


Payment Methods

Families may choose to make the monthly payment by one of the following payment options. Choices can be changed during the year.

1. Automatic Bank Payment (ACH) –A bank-to-bank transfer, by which FACTS will automatically process the payment directly through your financial institution on the 5th of the month.  A notification of the funds transfer is sent 4 days before the scheduled draft.

2. Automatic Credit/Debit Card Payment –A credit/debit card payment, by which FACTS will automatically charge your credit/debit card on 5th of the month. A notification of the charge is sent 4 days before the scheduled draft. There is an additional fee for using this option.


Directions for setting up your FACTS account:

1. Click on the FACTS icon link or type in "FACTS Management" in your web browser and click on "Parent Log in" and "Payment Plans/Financial Aid" 
2. Click on REGISTER
3. Click on "Search for my Institution" and search for Arroyo Pacific Academy by our zip code (91006) or by our city and state (Arcadia, CA)

4. Set up a new account by clicking on "Create a user name & password"

5. Enter an email address that you can use to receive information from FACTS
5. Fill in all CONTACT INFORMATION and Click NEXT
7. Click SELECT A PAYMENT PLAN under the heading Payment Plan and Billing
8. Select the current academic year then Click BEGIN
9. SKIP the Family ID number (we do not use one) – just Click NEXT
11. SKIP Student ID (we do not use the school's student ID for FACTS) and just fill out the name and grade entering in the current semester and then Click NEXT
12. Here is where you select your PAYMENT PLAN OPTION. Please select Monthly Payment (over 10 months from August to May)
13. There is a $45 enrollment fee to set up the payment plan through FACTS, but there is NO ADDITIONAL FEE for auto bank withdrawal from a checking account (use routing number and account number from a check). There is an ADDITIONAL FEE to use a credit card/debit card to process the monthly payments. 
14. Select the DUE DATE for your payments and Click NEXT. We normally schedules withdrawals through FACTS on the 5th or 20th of the month. 
15. REVIEW AND AUTHORIZE PAYMENT – simply read and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and Click AUTHORIZE (you are not paying anything at this time. You are authorizing future payments to be deducted at later dates or be billed by invoice.) Your account number will appear and you can print out your account information.

For questions concerning tuition or FACTS, please contact Robert Nguyen or our business manager, Kathy Lee, at 1-626-294-0661. For questions about their website or your FACTS account, please contact FACTS directly. Their customer service number is 1-866-441-4637.

FACTS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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