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February 25, 2017

Annual Gala

Oh, tis a dreary life when man in the dark ages spent most of his time working the land, and trying to grow enough food to survive another year. Social activities were important, and every citizen in a medieval town would be expected to attend fairs and festivities or an evening in the local town tavern.

Hear ye all subjects of the AP kingdom, for the Lord High Magistrate has beckoned ye to come hither and imbibe of merriment and tomfoolery.  The Happy Dog Tavern welcomes all…Lords, ladies, peasants and the likes.  Ye shall eat a feast fit for a king, drink the finest of brew (or other magic drink should that be your preference), but most importantly ye shall be merry!  Entertainment will consist of the finest in our land, The Merry Wives of Windsor. Aye such pleasure to announce to ye that these maids and maidens, a wee bit mischievous mind you, shall sing in glorious voice, the tales and folklore of the land.  Place an X on the day and do remember that by attending, you support Arroyo Pacific.  Invitations forthcoming.


Mimi Mycroft

Executive Director

Arroyo Pacific Foundation

626 566-2280 ext. #104

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